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When Does a Tooth Need a Crown?

By Ann Sielicki on April 15, 2020

Dental Crowns in ScottsdaleA crown, or “cap,” is a dental restoration that covers the entire exterior of a tooth. It improves the appearance, strength and function of the affected tooth.

If you have ever wondered about the purpose of crowns, Dr. Ann Sielicki of Sonoran Dental Design has you covered. Read on as she explains the primary reasons why a tooth may need a crown.

Too Broken Down for a Filling

A tooth that is broken, weak or has a large crack likely needs a crown. The crown is placed over the tooth to hold it together and protect it from further damage.

To Replace a Large Filling

Fillings are used to restore teeth with dental decay; however, they do not last forever and sometimes they can develop problems of their own. If a filling has chipped or cracked, or a cavity has formed around the filling, the filling must be replaced.

Replacing large fillings can be tricky if there is not a lot of natural tooth structure left; removing the filling may put the tooth at risk of breaking apart. Under those circumstances, it might make more sense to remove the filling and place a crown over the tooth to keep it intact and prevent more cavities.

Following Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy removes infected dental “pulp,” or tissue in the roots of the tooth; the procedure also disinfects and seals off these empty spaces so they cannot become infected again. But a root canal can leave a tooth weak and brittle. Covering the tooth with a crown restores the tooth’s strength and function.

Extremely Worn Tooth

Years of tooth grinding or clenching can wear down tooth enamel, making teeth short and misshapen. Crowning extremely worn teeth helps restore normal dimensions and shape, and adds strength.

Anchor a Dental Bridge

Dental bridges close the gap left by a missing tooth. The teeth on one or both sides of the gap are covered with crowns. The crowns are attached to the false tooth that fits into the gap.

Camouflage an Unsightly Tooth

Today’s dental crowns are beautiful and look very natural. Sometimes they are used to cover up unsightly teeth and restore an attractive smile.

Contact Sonoran Dental Design

If you have a weak, broken or otherwise compromised tooth that may need a crown, Dr. Sielicki can help. To learn more about which type of crowns would benefit you, please contact our practice today and request an appointment with our dentist.


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