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Enamel Reshaping in Scottsdale, AZ

Am I A Good Candidate for Enamel Reshaping?

Enamel reshaping can benefit anyone that needs a tiny adjustment to fix minor dental imperfections. The technique is often used to remedy the following:

  • small chips on a tooth
  • a surface flaw or irregularity that may irritate the tongue
  • a misshapen tooth
  • a tooth that looks longer or squarer than the surrounding teeth
  • canine teeth with dramatic points
  • teeth that minorly overlap or look mildly crooked

Enamel reshaping is most suitable for the front teeth.

How Does Enamel Reshaping Work?

Prior to reshaping the enamel, X-rays may be taken to ensure the tooth enamel is healthy and there are no areas of active dental disease.

To begin, Dr. Sielicki uses a laser or a drill to gently remove selected tooth enamel. Once she has finished removing enamel, she smooths and polishes the tooth.

Enamel reshaping can be combined with other techniques such as dental bonding, which is the application of a resin material, to further improve the appearance of a tooth.  

Benefits of Enamel Reshaping

Enamel reshaping is quick and normally completed in a single appointment. It does not require coordinating with an outside dental laboratory for the creation of a dental restoration. It also does not require the significant removal of tooth enamel. Enamel reshaping can usually be performed without anesthesia or numbing medicine.

FAQ’s about Enamel Reshaping

Enamel reshaping patient in Scottsdale, AZHow long does tooth enamel reshaping last?

The results of tooth enamel reshaping are considered permanent.

How do you care for reshaped teeth?

Reshaped teeth need to be brushed and flossed daily to stay clean and healthy. They should not be used to bite down on hard objects, chew on pen caps or nails or open packages. They should be checked by a dentist regularly for any signs of a problem.

Are there any risks with enamel tooth reshaping?

There is a minor risk that the reshaped tooth or teeth will be sensitive after treatment if too much enamel is removed. Also, removing too much enamel can weaken the tooth and make it susceptible to fractures.

Enamel Reshaping Cost

The cost of enamel reshaping depends on the exact scope of treatment you receive in our Scottsdale dental office. For a pricing estimate, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Sielicki.

Why Choose Dr. Sielicki for Enamel Reshaping?

Dr. Sielicki is a leading Scottsdale cosmetic dentist with many years of experience creating beautiful smiles. With enamel reshaping, she can address minor dental imperfections quickly and inexpensively. She may also recommend enamel reshaping to complement the results of another dental treatment.

To learn more about enamel reshaping with Dr. Sielicki, please call or email our practice today and request an appointment.


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