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Dental Implant Cost in Scottsdale, AZ

Dental implants are an outstanding investment due to their durability, effectiveness, and overall health benefits. Our Scottsdale, AZ, practice will work to minimize your dental implant cost without sacrificing quality. When you first visit Sonoran Dental Design, Dr. Ann Sielicki will carry out a complete consultation and exam. During this appointment, she will determine your restorative needs, cosmetic goals, and relevant health concerns. Then she will provide an accurate estimate based on your specific treatment plan. For example, she will consider the number of implants you need, the type of restoration you choose, and additional treatment. At your consultation, she will also explain dental insurance and how much of your treatment may already be covered by your health care plan.

Your surgeon will plan a treatment to reduce discomfort, healing time, and potential side effects. Due to the individualized nature of this treatment, implant costs vary.

The Factors that Will Affect Your Specific Dental Implant Cost

Implant dentistry is highly personalized. We will provide a lifelike restoration that will match your remaining teeth and the shape of your mouth. Furthermore, Dr. Sielicki partners with experienced oral surgeons. These doctors understand that you have your own precise needs. Accordingly, your practitioner will plan a treatment to reduce discomfort, healing time, and potential side effects. Due to the individualized nature of this treatment, implant costs vary. The price of your care will depend on multiple considerations:

  • Number of implants:

    Implants are priced separately. If you receive an implant-supported crown, you will only need one implant. Implant-supported bridges typically require two posts, and dentures require between four and six.

  • Type of implants and type of restoration:

    Various implants are available, and your surgeon will choose the optimal type for you. For instance, if you have suffered jawbone recession, or you require a larger restoration, he or she may recommend mini implants. However, traditional posts, though larger, are typically more reliable. Ceramic is another trusted option. Nonetheless, it costs more than standard titanium. Similarly, the size of your restoration will affect your total, as will your choice of restorative materials.

  • Treatment planning:

    Dr. Sielicki and your surgeon will use several methods to determine your candidacy for implants and to plan your surgery. If you require extra scans or x-rays, this will slightly raise your costs.

  • Pre-surgical treatments:

    Jawbone recession is common after tooth loss. As a result, you may require a separately priced bone graft or sinus lift before your implant surgery.

  • Sedation:

    You can choose from several types of sedation. Typically, deeper forms, such as general anesthesia, will cost more than conservative options, like nitrous oxide.

The Invaluable Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants cost more than traditional bridges and dentures. At the same time, they also have numerous benefits over these older restorations. First, implants are more durable. With appropriate maintenance, they could last a lifetime, saving you the expense of future restorative care. Second, they provide the optimal stability for your restoration. Your prosthetic will never slip out of place, so you will feel confident when you smile, talk, and enjoy a meal with friends. Perhaps most importantly, dental implants are the only type of restoration that can stop jawbone recession. Thus, they can protect your appearance and youthful look. They can also prevent widespread tooth loss and the need for additional restorative dentistry.

Financing and Payment for Dental Implants

There are numerous misconceptions regarding dental insurance. Like many patients, you may assume that your plan will fully cover your implants and any related treatment. However, dental plans have a cap. Usually, they will only cover the price of basic restorative care. Therefore, your policy may pay for a standard bridge or denture. You will need to cover anything beyond that out of pocket. Nonetheless, with the benefits mentioned earlier, most people find these personal costs to be well worth it. If you need help paying for your dental implants, we offer several financing options, including CareCredit®. We are happy to discuss these solutions at your consultation.

Contact Us for More Information

Contact Sonoran Dental Design online to learn more about the cost of dental implants and to begin designing your personal treatment. You can also call (480) 419-9595 to book an appointment.


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