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Salivary Diagnostic Testing   What is Salivary Diagnostic Testing? What is its Importance in the Dental Office? Traditional diagnostic techniques for periodontal disease involve the identification of clinical signs and symptoms of disease. These usually include bleeding, pocket depth, redness, inflammation, and bone loss. While clinical signs can determine that an infection exists, they cannot…

Ann Sielicki Aug, 11 2014

EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT DENTAL BONDING    Often times, even a small imperfection on the teeth can go a long way in hindering someone from smiling. Fortunately, there is already a great way to solve this problem. At Scottsdale’s Sonoran Dental Design, we offer professional dental care services that include quality and precise…

Ann Sielicki Aug, 7 2014

                 Smile Design of the Day – Before and After with Composite Bonding.   Before and after cosmetic bonding completed by Dr. Ann Sielicki and team to enhance this young mans smile!   Related to This All Blog Posts Aesthetics Ann Sielicki Anterior Teeth Bonding Composite

Ann Sielicki Aug, 4 2014

DR. SIELICKI ELECTED TOP DENTIST IN PHOENIX MAGAZINE   Congratulations Dr. Sielicki for being elected a “Top Dentist” in PhoenixMagazine for 2014!   Thank you to AZ Perio for the fabulous cake – we have enjoyed celebrating this exciting occasion!   Related to This All Blog Posts 2014 Ann Sielicki Award Az Az Perio

Ann Sielicki Aug, 1 2014

Pregnancy and Periodontal Disease According to researchers, pregnant women who have periodontal disease may be more likely to have a baby that is born too early and too small. So, to all of the pregnant moms out there – be sure to take time to visit our office for a check-up!

Ann Sielicki Jul, 15 2014

Our “Back Office” Remodel                      While everyone is enjoying their summer vacay, we are busy remodeling our back office” to enable our team members to provide more efficient patient care that incorporates our modern technology. Stay tuned for more photo ops to come! Related to This…

Ann Sielicki Jul, 5 2014

Happy Father’s Day from Sonoran Dental Design  

Ann Sielicki Jun, 15 2014

Kor Whitening = Fabulous Results! This lady was considering veneers and decided to try to the Kor whitening system. She went up 17 shades. She is thrilled as are we with the FABULOUS results!!                    

Ann Sielicki Jun, 11 2014

Sonoran Dental Design will be closing the back office from June 27th, 2014 through July 20th, 2014 Our front office turned out so pretty, we decided to remodel the back office to look just as beautiful! We will still be available during our normal business hours to schedule appointments or to help with any questions…

Ann Sielicki Jun, 4 2014

Athletes’ Risk of Concussion Reduced by Custom-Made Mouthguards by your Dentist vs. Over-The-Counter (OTC) Mouthguards High school football players wearing store-bought, over-the-counter mouthguards were more than twice as likely to suffer mild traumatic brain injures (MTBI)/concussions than those wearing custom-made, properly fitted mouthguards, reports a new study in the May/June 2014 issue of General Dentistry,…

Ann Sielicki May, 9 2014


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Dr. Sielicki and her staff are professional and I immediately felt comfortable. My teeth look fantastic. I could not be more pleased with the outcome.Emily

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