Were a Bridge Dentist Scottsdale Patients Count on for Natural Looking Results By Ann R. Sielicki, DDS on August 24, 2014

Bridges Dentist ScottsdaleIf you have lost a tooth, were the bridge dentist Scottsdale patients turn to for a natural looking replacement. Adult tooth loss is fairly common. In spite of improving oral health care, 70% of U.S. adults will lose at least one tooth during their lifetime. This is actually a significant improvement since most people will only lose a few teeth, rather than all of them. When a tooth is lost there are multiple ways to replace it.

Dentures have been the most common solution for centuries. The procedure for creating dentures has evolved significantly, and they are now more comfortable than ever. Both full and partial dentures can be created so that they can be used even to replace a single tooth. The challenge is that they can become loose and slip out of place when eating or speaking, not exactly convenient for busy people on the go.

As a bridge dentist Scottsdale patients count on, we recommend using a bridge instead of dentures as a permanent replacement option. In this procedure, a crown is placed on the two teeth surrounding the missing one and the crowns hold the new tooth in place by creating a bridge. The key is to work with an experienced cosmetic dentist. Traditionally, bridges didnt look very natural, and it was easy to tell that the new tooth wasnt the original one. This is because they were pre-made and not by a cosmetic dentist. Ours look completely natural because they are created after an impression is taken of a patients mouth, and both the crowns and the new tooth are sized perfectly. We also match the color to the surrounding teeth so that the bridge will look as natural as possible. By creating bridges in a dental lab, we can ensure that the appearance and fit are perfect.

Before the process can start, the existing teeth need to be prepared. In order to do so, the dentist will remove enamel from the two teeth where the crowns will be placed. This is necessary because a crown surrounds the tooth like a cap. If some of the enamel isnt removed, the crown wont be able to fit and will push other teeth out of the way. In order to minimize the impact to the surrounding teeth, the tooth is prepared, and a temporary crown is worn while the permanent bridge is created.

The procedure for installing the bridge can be done fairly quickly since the teeth are prepared in advance. The temporary crowns are removed, and the bridge is placed with minimal discomfort when working with Sonoran Dental. We use modern dental technology to ensure that patients are comfortable during their visit. This includes sedation dentistry which prevents discomfort. As a bridge dentist Scottsdale patients trust, we are known for creating beautiful and natural looking teeth while keeping patients comfortable and pain-free. If you have an existing bridge that isnt fitting well or doesnt look natural, give us a call to experience better looking results.

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