How a Bridges Dentist in the Scottsdale Area Can Restore Your Missing Teeth By Ann R. Sielicki, DDS on September 05, 2014

A Bridges Dentist in the Scottsdale AreaAs an experienced bridges dentist in the Scottsdale area, we can restore your missing teeth in a beautiful and natural way. This is an excellent alternative to dentures because a bridge is a permanent replacement that doesnt need to be removed on a nightly basis. This allows our patients to focus on enjoying life, rather than worrying about whether their teeth will become loose or fall out when eating or speaking, as is common with dentures.

One of the concerns we hear from patients is whether or not their dentures will feel comfortable and if they will be able to eat normally. Dentures have come a long way and are now more comfortable than ever. They also look more natural. The challenge is that they will never feel like natural teeth because they are a foreign object inside of the mouth. They also require additional care steps so while effective, they are not always the preferable solution.

As a bridges dentist in the Scottsdale area, we provide bridges as an alternative to dentures so that our patients can benefit from restorative cosmetic dentistry. There is a big difference between bridges that are made by an experienced cosmetic dentist and ones that are not. Our bridges are made in a dental lab after taking an impression of the surrounding teeth. This is important because it helps the result to look and feel natural. Some dentists provide an off the shelf solution that simply doesnt look natural by comparison. Additionally, by taking an impression of our patients mouth we can ensure that they can bite down normally after it has been installed.

In order to install a bridge, the two teeth next to the missing one need to be in fairly good condition. They dont need to be perfect, but the bone and root structure needs to be sturdy. These teeth are then prepared. This involves removing a portion of the enamel from around the tooth so that the crown can fit securely without pushing other teeth out of the way. After the tooth is prepared, and before the bridge is placed, a temporary crown is typically worn.

When the bridge is ready, we place a permanent crown on the two teeth surrounding the missing one. The bridge is created in between the two crowns which is how the tooth is secured into place. The new crowns and tooth will look completely natural and match the current size, shape, and color of your natural teeth. This is an ideal solution because it will look natural and feel comfortable. As a bridges dentist in the Scottsdale area, our patients count on us to deliver a permanent solution for missing teeth that looks amazing, and we take that responsibility very seriously. We understand that this is a major procedure and are happy to answer any questions that patients have prior to getting started. To find out if this is the best solution for replacing your teeth, call and schedule your consultation.

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