Laser Dentistry in Scottsdale is Perfect for Treating Sensitive Teeth By Ann R. Sielicki, DDS on November 04, 2014

Laser Dentistry ScottsdaleIf your teeth hurt, laser dentistry in Scottsdale, is the best solution for treating them and even for performing routine teeth cleanings. Lasers are the modern way that dentists provide a variety of treatments. They have replaced standard metal tools and can be used to perform procedures with more precision and less discomfort than ever before. Only a few dentists use this new technology, so it is important to ask before scheduling an appointment.

When you have sensitive teeth, even a standard teeth cleaning can make you uncomfortable unless the dentist prevents the discomfort by practicing gentle dentistry. Thats exactly what we do in our office. Through a combination of sedation and gentle dentistry, we can keep you comfortable the entire time, regardless of the type of procedure that is being performed. This way you can have your teeth cleaned and any cavities treated without the risk of feeling uncomfortable.

Laser dentistry in Scottsdale is a vast improvement on standard metal dental tools because the laser is the only thing touching your gums and teeth. The laser light is extremely small which allows for more accuracy and less risk of your gums and teeth becoming swollen and inflamed as a result of a teeth cleaning or procedure. The more accurate the tools the better the results. Lasers are used in a variety of procedures including teeth cleanings, teeth whitening, and treating gum disease all with great success.

In addition to reducing the risk of the surrounding tissue becoming damaged, lasers can also be used to stop your gums from bleeding during a dental treatment. This allows for faster healing and a reduced recovery time both of which will increase your comfort level. Even a standard teeth cleaning is more comfortable when lasers are used because there is no scraping involved. For people with sensitive teeth, this is an important option because if teeth that are already sensitive are scraped, it will cause tooth pain.

By offering laser dentistry in Scottsdale, we give our patients more options in their treatment plan. We believe that our patients should be part of their health care decisions and by explaining the options all decisions can be made jointly. We give a recommendation but at the end of the day, we want to work with our patients to select a treatment plan that everyone is on board with.

Teeth can be sensitive due to a lack of enamel, and when this is the case, we will want to perform additional treatments after a teeth cleaning. This may involve a fluoride treatment to place minerals directly onto the teeth or a bonding procedure to seal up any exposed dentin. Both can be done comfortably so that our patients can relax during the procedure. Once done, teeth will start to feel better and if they dont a dental crown may be necessary to completely protect the tooth. Since it is a cap, this is an excellent way to prevent anything from touching the tooth directly and creating pain.

If you want to treat your sensitive teeth or are simply worried about how they will feel during an exam, schedule an appointment with our laser dentistry office to experience how comfortable dental care can be.

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