As an Invisalign Dentist in Scottsdale We Can Help Prevent These Treatment Complications By Ann R. Sielicki, DDS on November 27, 2014

Invisalign Dentist in ScottsdaleAs an Invisaligndentist in Scottsdale, most of our patients report having no complications while straightening their teeth. Crooked, misaligned teeth can cause a person to lose their confidence, and this is an excellent way to improve both confidence and appearance. This is an easier way to straighten teeth than traditional braces because the aligners can come out, making it possible to eat and brush teeth without navigating around brackets and wires. Still, complications are possible, so it is important to know what they are and how to prevent them.

Here are some questions that our patients typically ask

What is the most common problem that occurs with Invisalign?
By far the most common issue with the treatment is soreness. People are not used to having an aligner, which is basically a plastic tray, in their mouth for long periods of time. When you consider that the purpose of the tray is to slowing move the teeth, you can see why it could cause some level of discomfort until the user is accustomed to having it in the mouth. Additionally, some people have been known to scratch their gums or lips with the aligner, furthering their discomfort. With some care and a few days time, this discomfort will fade away, and you will get used to wearing the aligners.

Are Invisalign dentists aware of any dental problems that arise from using aligners?
When you undergo a procedure, regardless of how noninvasive, there is always the potential for challenges arising. In the case of Invisalign these are virtually nonexistent. However, a few cases have been reported of the following:

  • Root Resorption: Root resorption relates to the end of the root. Since the entire purpose of Invisalign is to move the teeth, the system has to stimulate a cellular response within the roots. There have been cases when moving the teeth, and the cellular response elicited by the treatment, have caused some level of damage to the bottom of the root. If this occurs, we can treat it right away.

  • Tooth vitality: There have been some reports of issues with tooth vitality, which is not surprising. Given that the aligners are designed to move the teeth by a gradual process, any previous damage to the teeth can cause problems with the nerve endings in the tooth and its root. There is a risk that when you use the aligners, if you have previously damaged your tooth, or it is currently infected, you could further damage the nerves. It is important that your dentist knows your dental history before proceeding with the treatment. We will also examine your teeth and roots to ensure that there is no infection that needs to be removed or treated prior to getting started. If so, we can perform procedures like a root canal in order to prevent further damage.

None of these reactions are common and certainly not the normal reaction that most of our patients have. As an Invisalign dentist in Scottsdale, we have had a tremendous amount of positive results, with complications or risks being few and far between. For a clear understanding of what risks you might face during any dental procedure, ask us questions during your dental exam and consultation.


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