Visiting Our Dental Office in Scottsdale Can Prevent Emergencies By Ann R. Sielicki, DDS on February 04, 2015


Dental Office in ScottsdaleVisit our dental office in Scottsdale in order to avoid and prevent dental discomfort. The reality is, most people only come to see the dentist when they are having discomfort. However, what if there was a way to come in and not have to worry about feeling uncomfortable?  If you could come to the dentist office, catch up on the latest magazine stories, and take great steps to improve your dental health without toothaches or discomfort, many more people would be inclined to do it. Luckily for many of our patients, they have discovered a way to do exactly this. It is known as the routine well visit, scheduled once every six months, and is a great way to avoid emergency dentist office visits. 

When you come in for a routine checkup, none of the things we do should cause you any kind of stress. We will be taking the time to perform a thorough cleaning that will remove the plaque from your teeth and around the gums. This prevents the bacterial acid from being able to eat through the enamel and cause cavities. When you are done with the cleaning, which includes flossing, the dentist will take a look at your teeth, exploring for cavities or soft spots, that may become cavities. If we find something, we can treat it before it advances and becomes uncomfortable for you. We can take x-rays to ensure that there are no underlying problems that may surface, and work with you to ensure your oral hygiene habits are up to par. All of these prevent people from having emergencies like toothaches so that when you visit the dentist it is a pleasant experience.

What happens without regular dental visits?

As a dental office in Scottsdale, we find that toothaches are the most common problem that people face without ongoing dental care. Toothaches are a very virulent discomfort, that causes people to drop whatever they are doing and head to the dentist office. This is because a toothache can literally be debilitating. The location of the teeth and the fact that the discomfort can be throbbing, shooting, or sharp causes people to want relief. We strongly encourage our patients to come in and see us immediately and this serves a twofold purpose. First, we will be able to give you some medication that can provide relief from the discomfort. Following this we will need to find what is causing the toothache. Typically there has been some kind of an incident which has damaged the teeth, or there is an infection that is causing the pain. In the first case, we will need to fix the damaged tooth and make sure that the damage cannot spread.

Another common problem treated at our dental office in Scottsdale is gum disease.  When plaque and bacteria are left on the teeth and gums, it can cause swelling, redness, bleeding and further irritation.  Additionally, it can lead to gum recession and bone loss, resulting in eventual tooth loss unless treated.  Scheduling regular teeth cleanings will help to prevent this common condition.


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