Look for Dentist Whitening Scottsdale To Improve Your Appearance By Ann R. Sielicki, DDS on August 08, 2014

Dentist Whitening ScottsdaleIf you are looking for teeth whitening solutions, you should look for a professional dentist whitening in Scottsdale who can make your smile beautiful. Recently, studies have been conducted that have demonstrated how a beautiful smile can directly impact how attractive a person is. Oral-B has conducted many studies on the subject and recently narrowed down just how much of an impact a beautiful smile can have. After studying the responses of 2,000 people, they concluded that a beautiful smile makes a person more attractive by 20 percent while making them look five years younger.

Being attractive is only relevant if it also improves another area of life. The University of California wanted to study the attractive myth to determine if it actually matters. They found that when a person was considered to be attractive they were judged more favorably than their peers often being called more helpful or a better team player. They also make an average of 12 percent more money. Apparently, being attractive pays off.

The question is what makes a person attractive. Everyone has a different opinion but according to a study by Match.com the answer is universally simple a beautiful smile. Both men and women selected it as the number one attractive quality, over other physical and personality traits. There is excellent news for people who want to improve their appearancea gorgeous smile is only one dental appointment away. Teeth whitening can make a dramatic and fast impact on how your smile looks.

Professional teeth whitening is far superior to anything that can be achieved with drug store solutions. As a dentist, we can whiten our patients teeth by up to eight shades and do so safely and comfortably. Solutions purchased in the drug store are simply not as effective. They tend to only whiten teeth by up to two shades and can be uncomfortable. Whitening strips are another alternative to professional teeth whitening but oftentimes slide off and whitening trays can become loose and leave gel to leak into a persons mouth. Since the results are inferior, there is no reason to start whitening your teeth at the drug store.

Instead, schedule an appointment with Sonoran Dental Design. Our in-office whitening procedure can be completed in around an hour and the results are stunning with teeth becoming five to eight shades whiter than they were. This is a pain-free process that is non-invasive, making it ideal for adults of all ages.

A benefit of our teeth whitening process is that each patient is in control of how they look. Everyone has a different idea of what white teeth should look like and some people want them to be brighter than others. We can make teeth as white as a patient likes and help them to feel better about their smile overall. Those looking for a professional dentist whitening in Scottsdale will find that their appearance and confidence improves after one of our whitening procedures. This is a simple and effective way for creating a beautiful smile and according to the University of California, increasing your overall success.

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