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Many dental patients are apprehensive about receiving numbing medication. Sometimes, the lidocaine or other numbing agent can take several minutes to begin working, which can prolong the length of your appointment. Additionally, for some patients, the injection process can even be quite uncomfortable and drug effects can linger long after treatment. Fortunately, Dr. Ann Sielicki and her team use Onset® by Onpharma at our Scottsdale, AZ, dental office to keep our patients comfortable. The advanced and precise compounding instrument is designed to numb the treatment area faster and more efficiently. This technology results in shorter treatment times and minimized discomfort for the patient, and also allows the dentist to concentrate fully without needing to adjust the amount of local anesthetic. 

Traditional Anesthesia vs. Onset® by Onpharma

Although local anesthesia has been used as a trusted pain reliever for decades, traditional systems have some drawbacks. With traditional anesthetics, the injection can cause a slight burning sensation as the drug enters the soft tissues. At the same time, it is difficult for a sufficient amount of the anesthetic to bypass the nerve membrane. The dentist often needs to administer additional medication throughout treatment, which can be cumbersome and also lead to more pronounced after-effects.

Onset® by Onpharma is a device that allows dentists to mix a local anesthetic with sodium bicarbonate, which raises the pH level of the solution for more effective, comfortable treatment. The Onset® mixing pen features two cartridges, one for the anesthetic and one for the buffering solution, which are connected via small needle-like tubes and injected simultaneously. This precise mixture can provide more effective injections with less discomfort.

What to Expect During Treatment

Before administering an injection, your dentist will use the DentalVibe® system, which stimulates the soft tissue to further lessen any discomfort. Once you are fully prepared, they can begin your injection. With the turn of a dial, they can add buffering solution while lowering the dosage of anesthetic to achieve a specific pH balance. This process allows the injection to act on the nerves more effectively, which leads to less time waiting for the anesthetic to begin working. A less acidic solution also provides a more comfortable injection and overall treatment.

Our Onset® system can be used for any type of restorative, cosmetic, or general dental procedure. You can undergo more convenient, comfortable treatment for all your dental needs. 

Once your treatment is complete, we will use OraVerse to quickly reverse the effects of the numbing agent, which can otherwise cause lingering unpleasant side effects. You will no longer need to worry about numb lips and slurred speech for hours after treatment. In addition, our Onset® system can be used for any type of restorativecosmetic, or general dental procedure. You can undergo more convenient, comfortable treatment for all your dental needs.

Receive Advanced, Comfortable Care

Our team strives to eliminate the factors that commonly cause dental phobia. Painless injections with the Onset® system are just one of the ways we reach this goal. No matter which procedure you need or want, our team can deliver the most comfortable, efficient, and precise treatment available today. Contact our office to schedule an appointment.

Dr. Ann Sielicki

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