Learn How Implants Teeth in Scottsdale Are Created By Ann R. Sielicki, DDS on December 18, 2014

Implants Teeth ScottsdaleWe provide implant-supported dental restorations in Scottsdale that patients use to replace missing teeth. Did you know that our dental implants are now made from some of the same materials that NASA uses to send men into space? Most people are surprised to hear how dentistry has evolved, and now dental implants are being made from high tech materials that do a lot more than just fill a gap. Humans have always been concerned about losing teeth, which is why some of the earliest archeological records of implants predate Moses. Using a variety of substances and techniques, we have always sought to replace our fallen teeth with something be it carved of bone, shell, gold, or other metals. Today our dentists are using the latest in a long line of materials to replace damaged or absent teeth.

Todays dental implants are made from titanium. Titanium is the same metal that scientists use to build spaceships, and sports manufacturers use to make tennis rackets. The uses of this metal are endless, but for the purpose of dentistry it has several important qualities which lend it the ability to replace organic substances, like a tooth root. Titanium is one of the most stable of metals, extremely non-toxic, and non-corrosive. When you are placing a metal, of any kind, in your mouth you want to know that it will not, ultimately, harm you through the slow spread of toxins. In a similar vein, you will want to know that it cannot corrode and is a stable element to replace your teeth with. Finally, titanium is very light which is a big plus for a dental implant that is going to be placed in your mouth.

Osseointegration is, however, the reason that titanium stands head and shoulders, above all, other possible materials that could be used in a dental implant. Osseointegration is the name given to the ability of titanium to seamlessly and biologically bond with the living bone tissue. This process, essentially, allows the titanium part to act in perfect harmony with the rest of the biological portions. In the case of a dental implant, a titanium screw will actually begin to act like the removed root and cause the jaw to both grow and strengthen as though the root were in place and perfectly healthy. This makes implants teeth in Scottsdale a healthy solution.

Finally, titanium, as has been made popular by pop culture, is extremely strong. It is important to note that natural teeth are extremely powerful and that when a person bites down they do so with considerable force. A natural bite, with your natural teeth, has a force of around 200 pounds per square inch. Titanium implants take none of this away and continue to allow you to eat any food that you would normally do with your natural teeth. Your bite ability remains around 200 pounds per square foot with a dental implant. On the other hand, studies have shown that patients with removable dentures only have a bite capacity of around 50 pounds per square inch. This greatly reduces the types of food they can chew and enjoy, making implants teeth in Scottsdale a much more convenient choice.

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