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Sedation Dentistry

Many patients avoid dental appointments and treatment because they are too nervous to visit the dentist.

We want you to know that sedation dentistry can help you feel calm before and during your appointments.

At Sonoran Dental Design in Scottsdale, AZ, we administer sedation dentistry safely so you get the dental care you need.

Why Undergo Sedation Dentistry?

So many patients say they miss appointments due to fear of pain and the cost of care. Sedation can help address both of these concerns. When you visit Sonoran Dental Design in Scottsdale, AZ, you can benefit from the following positives:


First, sedation dentistry allows you to feel relaxed the day of the appointment, knowing that you will be under the effects of a sedative.

After taking the sedative, you can feel calm for the duration of your dental visit.

That way, you can achieve a healthy smile without having to worry about the process it takes to create.

Cost Savings

When you attend routine dental exams and cleanings and address dental problems earlier, you avoid the need for more extensive dental treatment later on.

Sedation dentistry can save you money in the future, preventing the high costs that come with long-term tooth or gum problems.

Improved Health

It's not just about your appearance.

It's also about your oral wellness!

If you have delayed undergoing dentistry treatment for years because of your fear of the dentist, sedation dentistry can allow you to comfortably get the care you need to restore the health, comfort, function, and appearance of your smile.

Saving Time

When you fear going to the dentist, you may put off appointments. Even missing one checkup can cause cavities and fractures to worsen. This leads to extra hours in the dentist's chair — something you have been trying to avoid.

Sedation dentistry allows you to attend dental visits regularly, saving you time in the long run.

Feeling pain or discomfort? You can find relief without all the stress or discomfort with sedation dentistry.

Don't delay your next dentist appointment. Otherwise, your problems may worsen, causing you stress, pain, and additional financial burdens.

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Feel funny about laughing gas? We have an alternative.

Oral Sedation Eases Anxiety Before and During Treatment

Easier Than Nitrous Oxide

When it comes to dental sedation, you likely think of laughing gas. Other dentists offer laughing gas, or nitrous oxide, during appointments. However, our dentist has found that oral medications offer benefits over nitrous oxide, like helping patients feel calm before their appointments when apprehension is often high.

In addition, nitrous oxide has to be administered multiple times throughout your visit, while oral medication is taken once prior to your visit. You experience the effects for the next few hours.

How Oral Sedation Works

We prescribe a sedative to you before your appointment, and you can have the prescription filled at a pharmacy of your choice. About 30 minutes before your visit with us, you will take the prescribed dosage of oral medication and have someone drive you to and from your appointment at Sonoran Dental Design in Scottsdale, AZ.

By the time you arrive at our practice, you should feel relaxed and ready to receive the dental care you need. That's the impact of sedation!

How We Monitor Your Safety
Our Commitment to You

Once you take your sedative and you enter Sonoran Dental Design in Scottsdale, AZ, we will vigilantly watch for any possible effects.

Throughout your appointment, we will monitor your blood pressure readings and use a pulse oximeter to make sure you are responding safely to the sedation.

When proper dosages are prescribed by dentists, sedation with oral medication is extremely safe.

Relax — We've Got This!

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Oral sedation will help you achieve a deeply relaxed state of near-sleep for the duration of your treatment.

Exceptional Care Awaits!

Patients all across the Scottsdale, AZ, area choose Sonoran Dental Design for their dentistry needs, including sedation.

Advanced Technological Resources

You deserve the best care and the best tools possible.

We invest in dental technology that suits our patients' needs, like our monitoring devices used in oral conscious sedation and Onset® by Onpharma.

We're Always Learning

Another bit of info to put you at ease: our dentists love learning. They stay on top of new procedures and methods with the Spear Study Club.

Plus, our dentists study over 300 hours every three years on average — significantly more than Arizona's required 76 hours.

Your Comfort Matters

Pain doesn't have to be an obstacle to a beautiful smile. Neither does stress!

Now that you know all about our virtually pain-free oral sedation treatment, come visit us in person.

We Study Hard So You Can Rest Easy Our Knowledge Is at Your Disposal

At Sonoran Dental Design in Scottsdale, AZ, we aim to make your experience as simple as possible.

Dr. Ann Sielicki offers sedation dentistry so you can stop stressing and start enjoying your healthy, happy smile. No more dental anxiety means no more missed dental visits.

Our dentist and dental staff are committed to your comfort as well as continuing education. We keep learning about the latest techniques and equipment that can make each visit as positive as possible.

From cavities and cleanings to rehabilitative dental procedures, we are here for you. Contact us today to learn about enhancing your dental experience. You can also call Sonoran Dental Design at:

(480) 419-9595

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There are two main reasons for sedation dentistry: pain and anxiety.

When Is Sedation Appropriate?

Depending on your level of dental anxiety, as well as the potential for discomfort, we may recommend sedation dentistry to patients undergoing:

  • Routine dental exams and cleanings
  • More involved dental treatments such as the placement of dental fillings, crowns, and bridges

Sedation may also be appropriate for dentistry patients that have:

  • Extreme dental anxiety
  • Difficulty sitting still for long periods of time 
  • Difficulty sitting comfortably for long periods due to conditions like arthritis
  • Severe gag reflex
  • Special needs or disabilities

"The Best of the Best."

"Simply the nicest, most professional and caring people in the dental industry. If you are even a little dissatisfied with your current dentist and/or hygienist try Sonoran Dental. Dr Sielecki and her Team are the best of the best. I promise you (and your teeth!) will have a new home!" Drew Guenett, 5-Star Google Review

Don't Suffer in Silence!

If you fear going to the dentist, we have sedation options to put you at ease.

A study from the American Dental Hygienists' Association notes that anywhere from 50 to 80% of people feel nervous about going the dentist.

That fear can impact your smile dramatically.

In fact, the same study notes that worries about going to the dentist can influence how often you go. Around 20% of those who feel anxiety about going to the dentist do not regularly make their appointments.

Additionally, anywhere from 9 to 15% of those impacted by dentist-related worries will elect not to go to their appointments at all.

So if you find yourself feeling anxious about going to the dentist, you're not alone. Many of our patients have the same fears!

At Sonoran Dental Design, we don't want you to have that problem!

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Dr. Ann Sielicki

Sonoran Dental Design

Sonoran Dental Design is a high-tech dental practice in Scottsdale, AZ, that prioritizes patient care and comfort. Our dentist, Dr. Ann Sielicki, is highly trained and committed to continued education. Dr. Sielicki is affiliated with:

  • The American Dental Association
  • The Arizona Dental Association
  • The Central Arizona Dental Association
  • Spear Education's Advanced Continuum (Visiting Faculty Club Member)
  • Seattle Study Club (Participating Member)

We invite you to request an appointment with our practice by filling out our online form or calling (480) 419-9595.

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