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Full Mouth Reconstruction

Missing teeth, decay, and gum disease all have a serious effect on the condition and appearance of your mouth.

A full mouth reconstruction at Sonoran Dental Design can combine restorative treatments for a full range of oral health problems.

Learn how Dr. Ann Sielicki of Scottsdale, AZ, uses the latest dentistry procedures to revitalize patient health.

Understanding the Basics How Full Mouth Reconstruction Works

A full mouth reconstruction completely revitalizes and restores a person's oral health. Each customized treatment plan addresses a patient's unique needs.

Treating Complicated Problems

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Full mouth restorations are ideal for people who suffer from complicated dental issues. This could mean advanced cases of tooth decay, dental fractures, periodontal disease, or poor jaw function.

Combining Multiple Procedures

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To treat complex health issues, a combination of restorative and cosmetic procedures are used. That includes dental implants, custom restorations, periodontal therapy, and even porcelain veneers.

Full Mouth Reconstruction by Dr. Sielicki

In this video, Dr. Sielicki explains what is involved in a full mouth reconstruction at Sonoran Dental Design in Scottsdale, AZ. These treatment plans can help you maintain your teeth for the rest of your life. Dr. Sielicki focuses on patient education during this process so that you will understand your needs and why she recommends certain procedures.

Improving the Health and Appearance of Your Smile

Multiple oral health problems before full mouth reconstruction
Before This patient suffered from severe wear and tear due to teeth grinding (bruxism) and acid erosion.
The beneficial results of a full mouth restoration
After We revitalized his smile with porcelain crowns, dental veneers, gum revision, and orthodontics.

"I feel so at home and like I matter" A Scottsdale Dentist Who Cares


Dawn Meadows


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I first learned of Sonoran Dental Design last summer in Aug of 2018. I so wish I had heard of them sooner. They have been the best dental office I’ve received treatment from since my early childhood days. They are all so gracious and caring. Dr Ann Sielicki looks at the WHOLE picture. I’ve had numerous health issues over the last two years and no other doctor could come as close as Dr. Sielicki has for treatment for me and in my own individual case. The eye and attention to detail are second to none. I mean that with my whole heart! I call her Dr Hawk Eye. She’s beyond amazing, and so is her whole team. I plan on going no place any time soon! This is my dental office and I only share companies and products that I truly believe in with my heart. I’m so grateful to Doc and her team.

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Jacqui Jones


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I absolutely love everyone here, my experience is always superb. It’s so comforting to be in a dental office and experience exceptional service with a calming approach to what can sometimes be a nerve racking experience. Ann and her staff are so personable! I can’t believe it took me so long to find this practice. I feel so at home and like I matter from the second I walk in to the second I leave!

A+ in my book not mention my amazing smile. Now that’s proof!

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"I Have So Much More Confidence."

Robin avoided dentistry for years because she was afraid. Sonoran Dental Design in Scottsdale, AZ, made her feel comfortable with dentistry for the first time, and now she looks forward to her appointments. Dr. Sielicki designed a full mouth reconstruction plan for Robin that completely transformed her oral health.

Treatment Time Frames for Full Mouth Restoration Procedures

Below are general treatment time frames for full mouth reconstruction procedures. We'll provide a detailed treatment breakdown during your consultation with us in Scottsdale, AZ.

One Day

Placing a simple restoration such as a filling takes a day. We can also create custom dental crowns in a day thanks to CEREC® technology.

One Week

It takes a week to implement periodontal disease treatment. Some additional restorative procedures may be needed to enhance the gumline.

Two Weeks

For veneers, dentures, and any other dental restorations or appliances that are crafted at an off-site lab, treatment requires two weeks.

Three to Six Months

Placing dental implants takes several months. Implants must fuse with the jawbone (osseointegration) to support a bridge, crown, or denture.

Six to Nine Months

Bone grafting and gum augmentation may be required before placing implants, extending the time needed for implant dentistry.
Dr. Ann Sielicki

Sonoran Dental Design

Sonoran Dental Design is a high-tech dental practice in Scottsdale, AZ, that prioritizes patient care and comfort. Our dentist, Dr. Ann Sielicki, is highly trained and committed to continued education. Dr. Sielicki is affiliated with:

  • The American Dental Association
  • The Arizona Dental Association
  • The Central Arizona Dental Association
  • Spear Education's Advanced Continuum (Visiting Faculty Club Member)
  • Seattle Study Club (Participating Member)

We invite you to request an appointment with our practice by filling out our online form or calling (480) 419-9595.

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"Dr. Sielicki and her staff are professional and I immediately felt comfortable. My teeth look fantastic. I could not be more pleased with the outcome." Emily

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