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Rebuilding a considerably damaged smile to its full beauty and function demands more than just a combination of generalrestorative, and cosmetic dentistry treatments. It takes the dedicated care of a skilled dental team combined with the precision and accuracy of advanced technology. At Sonoran Dental Design in Scottsdale, AZ, Dr. Ann Sielicki has the vision and expertise needed to help you achieve optimal oral health. After listening closely to your goals and concerns and evaluating your needs, she can custom design your new smile with a full mouth reconstruction. Patients can once again look forward to eating, speaking , and smiling with confidence.

Determining Candidacy for a Full Mouth Reconstruction

The ideal candidates for a full mouth reconstruction are patients who suffer from severe dental decay or periodontal disease, or have extensive tooth loss that impacts their day-to-day activities. Full mouth reconstruction treatment varies from patient to patient, depending on the level of care needed and the extent of dental damage. 

The length of your treatment depends on the number and type of procedures that constitute your full mouth reconstruction.

During your initial consultation, Dr. Sielicki can assess your oral health, as well as your teeth, gums, and jawbone using advanced diagnostic tools. She can also evaluate your medical history to determine if periodontal disease or decay has had any effect on your overall systemic health. Depending upon your diagnosis.

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To address your unique dental needs, we can combine any number of restorative treatments into your full mouth reconstruction, including dental implants, fillings, and periodontal care.

Combining Comprehensive Treatments

The length of your treatment depends on the number and type of procedures that constitute your full mouth reconstruction. If you choose dental implants and implant-retained crowns, bridges, or dentures to restore your smile, you can expect a lengthier timeline than that associated with traditional restorative treatments. Sonoran Dental Design also offers same-day dentistry treatments using CEREC technology. Dr. Sielicki can provide you with an estimated treatment timeline based on your individual preferences, needs, and budget.

A full mouth reconstruction can incorporate a range of procedures, including:

  • Root canal therapy to address infection
  • Periodontal treatment to treat gum disease
  • Dental fillings to repair mild to moderate cavities
  • Inlays or onlays to address extensive cavities
  • Tooth extraction for teeth that cannot be saved
  • Traditional dental crowns, bridges, or dentures to repair bite and functionality
  • Dental implants treatment to provide a secure base for long-lasting restorations
  • Bone grafting or a sinus lift to restore eligibility for dental implants

Depending on patient preference, Dr. Sielicki can also incorporate cosmetic treatments such as porcelain veneers or teeth whitening to create a flawless smile. If you are concerned about overcrowding or misalignment, we also provide Invisalign® clear aligners to straighten teeth discreetly.

Rehabilitate Your Smile

A full mouth reconstruction is an extensive process, but one that has a major impact on your quality of life. When undergoing such a treatment, it is important to choose a dental practice that provides quality care and prioritizes patient needs. If you have any questions about full mouth reconstruction, or would like to learn how you can benefit from our expertise, please call us at (480) 419-9595 or send us an online message.

Full Mouth Reconstruction FAQs

Full Mouth Reconstruction Dentist in Scottsdale

When is full mouth reconstruction necessary?

Sometimes a patient’s oral health deteriorates to such an extent that a comprehensive approach is needed to restore the function and appearance of teeth, reverse gum disease and even address issues involving the bone and jaw. Your dentist will lead the way in this restorative process, and may also need to call in assistance from a periodontist, oral surgeon, orthodontist or endodontist.

Age is a key reason a full mouth reconstruction may be necessary, but neglect and genetics may also play significant roles. If you have missing, fractured or severely worn teeth; bleeding gums; pain from a poor bite or misaligned jaw; or notice other worrisome changes in your oral health, you may be a candidate for full mouth reconstruction.

What procedures are part of a full mouth reconstruction?

The first important element involved in a full mouth reconstruction is time. Time, first of all, to determine the state of your oral health and diagnose existing problems. Experienced Scottsdale dentist Dr. Ann Sielicki will to do a thorough exam to determine the extent of the deterioration and create an effective plan. Once you and your dentist have agreed upon the procedures that you want, successful execution of the plan will require multiple office visits over many months.

Options available to you and your dentist include veneers, crowns, bridges, implants, dentures, inlays or onlays, orthodontic devices, scaling and root planing, filling or replacement of cavities, root canal therapy, crown lengthening, orthognathic surgery to reposition the jaw, gum contouring and teeth whitening.

Why is gum restoration part of this comprehensive approach?

The condition of your gums has a great deal to do with how healthy your teeth will be, and how long you will have them. Excess plaque buildup under the gum line causes gingivitis. With this condition, gum pockets increase in volume, eventually separating the gum from the bone and creating a haven for bacteria. The bacteria, in turn, eat away at the root and the bone which secures it. At some point, you may lose the tooth as it becomes unmoored from your jaw.

Using effective planing and root scaling techniques, Scottsdale dentist Dr. Ann Sielicki can reverse this process, by cleaning out the gum pockets and injecting an antibiotic solution to suppress future microbial growth. Severe cases of gum disease may also need grafts of bone or soft tissue to restore the bone and fortify the root.

At my age, I don’t need a brilliant smile, so why should I consider a full mouth reconstruction?

Full mouth reconstruction targets serious deterioration of your oral health — teeth that are decayed, chipped, loosening or even falling out; gums that have developed deep pockets and may routinely bleed; roots that are being eaten away by gingivitis; gaps that are causing a realignment of your bite and pain in the jaw; and more.

Restorative Dentist in Scottsdale, AZ

Many of these issues affect your overall health, not simply the condition of your teeth and mouth. Several studies in recent years have shown a link between the bacteria that thrive when plaque accumulates under the gum line and heart health. Your gastrointestinal system may also be disrupted. If you have serious oral health issues, they won’t improve on their own. As many dentist like to say: “Ignore your teeth and they’ll go away!”

For more information about full mouth reconstruction, contact Dr. Sielicki at Sonoran Dental Design. Call or email us today.

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